Industry (2020) review: This Life meets Billions

I don’t know what it is about stories that focus on investment banking, but I kind of dig them. Industry (2020) is an HBO-BBC co-production that focuses on a group of young, sexy graduates trying to forge their careers at a London investment bank called Pierpoint & Co.

Tribes of Europa: The 100 meets Children of Men

Hands up, who’s into post-apocalyptic when it comes to movies and TV shows? I know I am. Idly browsing Netflix the other day I stumbled on a new ones, Tribes of Europa (2020). A German show, with a mix of German and English dialogue, it’s set in our world, in the near future of 2074 and after the collapse of society.

Top ten women of the MCU (as of March 2021)

Now Marvel have started to get into TV in a big way I wanted to do a little list of characters played by women that I think are the best. And by best I mean the ones I like… the coolest ones.

Let’s get into it. The below are in no particular order, but just as thoughts came to me. I don’t know where thoughts come from, they just appear. (Bonus points if you know which movie I’m referencing.)

Top five gas/petrol station scenes in movies

Ah, the humble gas/petrol station. Screenwriters love it as a setting for scenes. Perhaps because, in road movies at least, it offers a way for the characters to have a break from one another, to encounter other people, to get into trouble, assess their situation, that sort of thing. Here are five I like, from action and comedy to sci-fi.