About Mikey P

My name’s Mikey. I’m in my thirties and have lived and worked in London for a little over a decade. I’m a poet, writer and geek on a mission.

Here’s my story.

I grew up on the south coast of England (near Bournemouth and Southampton) and went to university in Bristol. So I like cities, but also love the country, nature, and, in particular, the sea and the ocean. It helps me dream and think.

And since my teens I have always had a love of hip-hop, which intensified by the time I got to Bristol (a bit of a hip-hop mecca, if you didn’t know). Incidentally, Bristol also started my love affair with street art (before anyone really knew who Banksy was, except Bristolians of course).

So, I finished uni early 2004 and returned to the Bournemouth area. Then travelled the world (ten countries in six months), but upon returning home I was restless, and within a month I’d moved to London. However, this was basically just running from my problems as I remained rudderless for quite some time, moving from job to job with no real clue of my place in the world.

Although, slowly but surely I found a place, at least work wise, and built a career in digital marketing. 

Then, in about 2013, I found spoken word, people like Harry Baker, Polar Bear and Kate Tempest. This, in turn, led me onto finding battle rap – organisations like Don’t Flop (UK) and King of the Dot (USA) – which heavily influenced my writing. 

And to begin with I just wrote. Until I realised I wanted people to hear my words spoken. I needed to perform. So I first got in front of people in the summer of 2016, to a crowd of about sixty at 1am and, despite the nerves, I was kind of hooked. 

I now try and perform where I can at various poetry events round London. In particular you can find me at Spoken Word London, Raise the Bar, Boomerang, Westway Sessions, Hammer & Tongue, Word on the Street, Ziferblat, and wherever else I spot that looks a cool place to perform.

Follow my poetry on facebook https://www.facebook.com/mikeyplondon/
Connect with me on twitter and instagram @mikeyplondon

And I hope to see you at an event soon. Come say hi.

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