Dammit Christensen, you ruined Star Wars!

You know how these days Google predicts search terms as you type based on searches others have made? The reason I mention this is the other night Star Wars: Attack of the Clones was on TV. I found myself watching despite the fact that disappointment lurked around the corner. I am, of course, talking about… Continue reading Dammit Christensen, you ruined Star Wars!

Watch! It’s Neeson Season!

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To celebrate the release of Taken 2, the guys behind Silence! The Musical – a musical adaptation of The Silence of the Lambs – has released this rather brilliant musical compilation of Liam Neeson’s greatest moments. (Jon and Al Kaplan are also some of the best pop cultural…


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Grizzly Bear, Shields Grizzly Bear has a knack for making straight up gorgeous songs.  Fortunately, the acclaimed foursome aspires to more than penning emotional ballads to play over indie rom-com closing credits and Volkswagen commercials.  After a year of relentless touring on 2009’s much-loved Veckatimest, followed by a period of…


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Well, it’s different. Check out some new pictures from the upcoming Lone Ranger, which have been made available by USA Today. Armie Hammer stars as the icon of justice himself, The Long Ranger, while Johnny Depp takes on the role as the Native American Tonto. So…what do you think of…

There and back again – Martin Freeman’s tale

I recently heard – well, a few weeks ago – that The Hobbit would not be a single film, but a trilogy. Apparently the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be drip-fed to us Middle Earth fans in three instalments. The first, An Unexpected Journey, is out this year. Secondly, The Desolation… Continue reading There and back again – Martin Freeman’s tale

Brisfest 2012: A twisted tale of badgers and burlesque

Along with 20,000 other music fans, I attended the first day of Brisfest music festival yesterday. For those unaware of its origins it was created following the demise of the Ashton Court Festival, which started in the 1970s but was unable to continue as a free event and sadly closed. Organisers created Brisfest in 2007… Continue reading Brisfest 2012: A twisted tale of badgers and burlesque

Chronicle – the ‘found footage’ superhero film

I recently saw a film that had been on my watch list for a while, Chronicle. A new twist on the increasingly crowded superhero genre. When writer Max Landis (son of the legendary Director John Landis) and first-time Director Josh Trank pitched this to the studio, they described it as ‘Blair Witch meets Carrie’, which… Continue reading Chronicle – the ‘found footage’ superhero film

Brilliance of Brad Pitt: his top 10 best performances

For this post I’d like to discuss the career and my chosen favourite roles of Mr William Bradley Pitt. But where are some of his recent critically acclaimed films you may ask? Well, I can only list films I’ve seen and I have yet to see Tree of Life, Moneyball and Babel, so cannot include… Continue reading Brilliance of Brad Pitt: his top 10 best performances