Toxic man

Lately, things that annoy me include: beer and lads and birds and banter. Because whenever they’re linked to toxic man. They just lead me to certain anger. Like Professor Banner getting cursed by gamma. Cos toxic man is a backstabber. Who just grins as he turns his dagger. And I’m fast learning I can’t hurt… Continue reading Toxic man

my inner troll

Where does one find the time anymore? It seems like lazy days have given way to hard graft. Like painting and cleaning and tiling the floor. In some ways I wish I could jump back a decade and just teleport. Because, damn. My mid-20s were easy as hell. And moving up to London, after travels.… Continue reading my inner troll

Sunday daze

This morning I glued a bit of the wood floor that kept coming up. Then got a little tool with teeth to remove old grouting in the bathroom. Then hoovered. And washed the dishes. Then cleaned my boots, still muddy from that last mini festival I went to; where I threw axes and cracked whips.… Continue reading Sunday daze