Blur, the Specials, New Order – Olympic closing concert, a tender affair

On Sunday night I was lucky enough to go to the closing concert of the London 2012 olympics. Not the one in the stadium, but the one on Hyde park. The one where Blur played their possibly last ever gig. For me,  the day started about mid afternoon with New Order. Their gig was good,… Continue reading Blur, the Specials, New Order – Olympic closing concert, a tender affair


Originally posted on Pastrami Nation:
The Hulk will smash! Yes, that line above is wrong on purpose. In an interview with, writer Mark Waid and artist Leinil Yu talk about the new Indestructible Hulk book, which hits this November. Waid is a legend in the comic book world, with my personal favorites being Irredeemable…

Dark Knight – the rise of Robin?

Fair play to Joseph Gordon Levitt (hereafter known as JGL), his career has been incredibly interesting. He has only recently started to appear in proper blockbuster type films, most of those with Chris Nolan. I remember him from his Third Rock from the Sun days. If you watch the early episodes you realise how young… Continue reading Dark Knight – the rise of Robin?

Bane vs Catwoman – scene stealers!

Ok, for my very first blog I thought I’d offer my take on the latest Batman film. For the purposes of this blog I’ll assume that you, the reader, has a fair idea what the film is about and the films that have gone before it. I am going to assume a certain level of… Continue reading Bane vs Catwoman – scene stealers!