My five favourite modern Westerns

Django Unchained (2012) Blu-ray Screenshot

Yes, there are loads of bona-fide classic Westerns out there, with the bulk being from the ’50s and ’60s. That said, there new ones being made all the time. It’s a genre that continues to fascinate us as moviegoers. And with these new stories, filmmakers are finding new ways to tell them and present them,… Continue reading My five favourite modern Westerns

Mindhunter: season one review


This show, about how the FBI came to profile and understand serial killers, has been on David Fincher’s radar for quite some time in various guises and, such is the way these days, has languished a bit in development hell until Netflix picked it up. Which is actually the perfect place for it.  Now for… Continue reading Mindhunter: season one review

Concrete jungle where accents are made of…

On my recent return from a flying visit to New York I found myself thinking about the accent. London is littered with accents but there’s something inherently ‘London’ about them all. I think the same applies to New York, whether it’s Brooklyn or Queens or Manhattan there’s differences to be picked out, but a commonality… Continue reading Concrete jungle where accents are made of…

Homeland season 2: First episode review

With anticipation I settled down the other night to watch the first episode of season 2 of Homeland. From the first episode of its original season I was an instant fan. To be honest I was sold on the concept before I even saw the show. It’s clear why, in today’s cut-throat world of US… Continue reading Homeland season 2: First episode review