Best films of 2013: Haiku reviews

Following my first stab last year at reviewing my favourite films of the year in Haiku form, I decided to give it another go. Remember, these little Japanese poems are three lines made up of five syllables, then seven, then five. Gravity Explosion in space Debris flying everywhere The will to survive Captain Philips Somali… Continue reading Best films of 2013: Haiku reviews

Top ten films of 2013… er, and some others

Looking back, it’s not been a bad year for cinema. Perhaps not vintage, but we’ve had some crackers over the last twelve months. Here are my whittled down favourites, followed by a list of those I’m sure I’d like a lot but have yet to see. So… two lists, in a weird way.

Cloud Atlas: the Wachowskis’ magnum opus?

Aaah, the old books to films conundrum – in this day and age are any novels truly unfilmable? In the last ten years or so the industry has brought a myriad of literary tales – all widely considered unfilmable – to the big screen: Lord of the Rings, Life of Pi and Watchmen all spring… Continue reading Cloud Atlas: the Wachowskis’ magnum opus?