The Get Down: season one, part two – review

The Get Down was, by its own admission, a hugely ambitious undertaking by Baz Luhrmann and his team. With a sizeable investment from Netflix (although they’re seemingly unstoppable these days, so whatever). So it meant that a lot was riding on this tale of late ‘70s New York, painted as a city in crisis –… Continue reading The Get Down: season one, part two – review

The washed-up DJ

You’ve been left behind, you’re obsolete. Downbeat and no longer discreet, you desperately scratch the needle in search of the beat. You’ve let your skills slip. Now all you taste is defeat. Hard truth is… you can’t compete. Battling bottom tier DJs, the best you can manage is a dead heat. Your career in a… Continue reading The washed-up DJ

Pimp science!

Ladies and gentlemen I’m a mad scientist. I’ve taken some bad drugs to see if I’m limitless. The thing is this, I don’t know what they’ll do. I’ve not checked the effects, from my sex drive to my nervous system. I don’t have high hopes for my disposition. But my line of work, it’s all… Continue reading Pimp science!

Lucy: does Luc Besson need reining in?

I saw Lucy recently – the latest offering from writer-director-producer Luc Besson – in a completely packed cinema. (It was the opening weekend.) What a full cinema indicates at this point is nothing in itself, but I’ll explain more shortly. Now I’ve been looking forward to this film for quite some time. I like Besson.… Continue reading Lucy: does Luc Besson need reining in?

Is it better to burn out or fade away?

A while back I watched Bully for the second time, a 2001 film by Larry Clark starring Brad Renfro and Nick Stahl. Now whilst the film itself received mixed reviews, it gave me pause for thought concerning the two lead actors. Like their respective characters in Bully, in real life both had a self destructive… Continue reading Is it better to burn out or fade away?

Bittersweet biopic – The Look of Love

I saw this at an advance screening back in November 2012. It doesn’t come out till the start of March in the UK, but as that’s realistically not that far off, let’s review! The Look of Love is about the life and career of Paul Raymond aka the ‘King of Soho’, played by Steve Coogan.… Continue reading Bittersweet biopic – The Look of Love

The Raid – Uwais, Evans and kick-ass silat!

How does one go about creating a kick-ass action film these days that makes you sit up and take notice? Take a Welsh Director (Gareth Evans), an Indonesian martial art (silat), throw in a breakout action star (Iko Uwais), then set it in a grimy tower block. Action perfection all the way! The plot is… Continue reading The Raid – Uwais, Evans and kick-ass silat!