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Making friends

So you’re on a night out and things are going swimmingly. But something splits your thoughts like divorce. And so you’re ill at ease. Are these people really your friends? … Continue reading Making friends


I am the one who boasts

Anything you can do I can do better. It’s time you learnt I’m a bona-fide trendsetter. While we’re sharing I’m gonna boast in party situations I’m the world’s best host. … Continue reading I am the one who boasts


FOMO (Fear of missing out)

The dreaded fear of missing out, stuck at home you moan, when you could be having fun all blissed out.

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Chronicle – the ‘found footage’ superhero film

I recently saw a film that had been on my watch list for a while, Chronicle. A new twist on the increasingly crowded superhero genre. When writer Max Landis (son … Continue reading Chronicle – the ‘found footage’ superhero film