The dancer

Lost among stars in the rarified galaxy.
A dancer learns to dance and it’s such a sight to see.
A dolphin playing with waves he glides among asteroids.
Dicing with death, as when they collide en masse they get destroyed.
Facing the void he knows no fear.
Devoid of limitation facing foes without a care.
These stars are his to command and manipulate.
Forces demand their compliance, these planets had better capitulate.
Moving into orbit they align and gravitate.
The dancer moves with conviction, no need to hesitate.
He baits their trajectory, sealing their fate as moons scream.
Trailblazing, going interstellar, this is lunar lunacy.

Then he pauses.

Searching for electron degenerate matter.
A white dwarf, a dying star from an old chapter.
Yet the faster he dances space just gets blacker.
Solar flares pepper the planet’s surface like a cracked dagger.
The dancer then becomes sadder, he’s lost his swagger.
Ice covers him as he stops.
He breaks it and watches it shatter, floating away.
Roaming and constant probing won’t keep his demons at bay.
His sense of foreboding makes him feel like choking.
To dance among stars, is this the price you pay?

Then he spins and twirls, pushing towards an event horizon.
Solar spots blind him but he keeps locked eyes on.
He waxes and wanes emitting cosmic rays as he searches for zion.
He’s now Orion.
No longer a dancer but a bounty hunter.
Ripping up space till it’s torn asunder.
‘Was this the right path?’ he asks.
He can’t help but ponder and wonder.

There and back again – Martin Freeman’s tale

the hobbitI recently heard – well, a few weeks ago – that The Hobbit would not be a single film, but a trilogy. Apparently the prequel to the Lord of the Rings trilogy will be drip-fed to us Middle Earth fans in three instalments. The first, An Unexpected Journey, is out this year. Secondly, The Desolation of Smaug, is out in 2013. Finally, the third instalment, There and Back Again, is out 2014. That should keep fans busy at least.

In some ways this decision – presumably by Warner Bros – is both good and bad. There’s more than enough material in Tolkien’s world for a trilogy to happen. The cause for concern is that it was announced after filming. At least that’s how I understand it. So it’s essentially getting turned into three films in post production.

Some say this is a bad thing, an afterthought, a chance to cash in. Perhaps it is, however there is no need to fret little Tolkinites and Tolkinistas, it’s Peter Jackson. He knows what he’s doing. In case we need reminding, let’s just watch the trailer for the upcoming film below.

Something that’s had nearly 20 million hits and over 100,000 likes suggests that, whilst expectation is huge, this film will be truly epic. I’m quite excited at the thought of another trip back to Jackson’s Middle Earth – whether that’s as a single film, a double whammy, or a trilogy.

Anyway, this post so far has literally been my ramblings as usual. What I wanted to discuss was Mr Martin Freeman aka Bilbo Baggins – that tricksy hobbit!

Peter Jackson aside, a massive reason for my excitement about this film is his casting. I’m SO glad they chose him. It’s been discussed before by others the reasons he got this part – his comic timing, everyman qualities, the awkward, hesitant nature he instils into characters. Don’t believe me? I’ve compiled some of his best moments for your enjoyment.

  1. Tim kisses Dawn – The Office
    I’m not talking about their proper kiss where he finally wins her over. No, in this instance – in relation to why he’s going to be a great Bilbo – I mean the moment where he first kisses Dawn. Awkward, tender and sweet.
  2. Arthur’s factory trip – Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy
    The sense of wild-eyed and innocent wonderment he shows here suggests he’ll be a great Bilbo, in terms of giving the character that sense of adventure.
  3. Dr Watson – Sherlock
    In case you were concerned he doesn’t have the emotional depth to play Bilbo, watch this scene in BBC’s Sherlock.  He won a BAFTA last year for his portrayal of this character.
  4. John gets his kiss – Love Actually
    Putting Martin Freeman and Joanna Page (Stacey from Gavin &  Stacey) together for this film was pure casting genius. Both totally sweet and adorable. You end up pulling a big, stupid grin when they kiss for the first time.
  5. Tim gets rejected – The Office
    I probably shouldn’t just make this a list of his top moments from The Office, but I had to include one more. The moment where Dawn rejects him is hard to watch. You wish you could save him the embarrassment.

We’ll just have to hang on until the first Hobbit instalment is out this December. I feel I should leave you with some sort of fantastic sign off. So, in the words of Looney Tunes, that’s all folks!