Labor Day: Reitman’s most heartfelt film?

As a director, Jason Reitman appears to be growing up fast. Labor Day is the fifth feature length film he’s given us and his progression as a storyteller is clear to see. This film, set in a sleepy suburban American town in 1987, tells the story of Henry (Gattlin Griffith) and his mother Adele (Kate… Continue reading Labor Day: Reitman’s most heartfelt film?

Monuments Men: an admirable flop?

If George Clooney has a passion project there’s a fair chance it will get made. He’ll recruit a good cast and pick a good story to tell. All these things you can consider crossed off. Done. Dusted. This time round he chose to adapt a book: The Monuments Men: Allied Heroes, Nazi Thieves and the… Continue reading Monuments Men: an admirable flop?

Gravity: the tale of Houston in the blind

Alfonso Cuaron drives me nuts. There I’ve said it. His films are so immersive, so real, they frequently leave you gasping for air. That’s very much the case in Gravity when our protagonist, Dr. Ryan Stone (Sandra Bullock), is dangerously low on oxygen. In fact, there isn’t a time when she’s not in serious peril.… Continue reading Gravity: the tale of Houston in the blind

Take your ass back to the trailer park – part 2

With Oscar season almost upon us, there’s a lot of films out now or soon that should have you racing to the cinema. From drama, action and horror to comedies and a compelling biopic, here’s my pick of marvellous movies you need on your radar. The Monuments Men (Feb, 2014) Based on a book of… Continue reading Take your ass back to the trailer park – part 2

Viva Las… Blackpool!

Funny story. A few weeks ago I was catching up with friends and we were discussing that mighty rite of passage; the stag do. Conversation turned to when one of the lads (let’s call him chap 1) might pop the question, given the fact he’d always said his would be Vegas. Another lad (chap 2)… Continue reading Viva Las… Blackpool!