The S.A.D.s (winter has come)

So you’ve heard of S.A.D.s right? That seasonal winter disorder. You know… the one where your social skills take flight like a ship in the night and you can’t get aboard her. And any activity outside the house is only going to exhaust ya. Cos you just wanna hibernate. Well I get it bad each… Continue reading The S.A.D.s (winter has come)

The moody virus

I hit real hard but I’m locked out of this guy and literally barred. Guess I’ve pulled the mystery card. Damn human, he barely swoons. Somehow he’s resisting and scarily immune. This I ask why as I’m forced to diversify. But get nowhere facing wall after wall. Might as well learn to fly.  But then I… Continue reading The moody virus

Spring chicken

Reach down, tie that trainer, no time to sleep now this exercise lark is a no-brainer. Ear buds in, one, two, when it’s workout time there’s no room for curfew.