Top 10 ‘seductive’ cinematic moments

Now we’re not talking scenes here necessarily – more just moments within a scene perhaps. Some are the first time we see the character (often the most impressive) and some once they’ve been established. All are rather brilliant. And these are a selection of my favourites.

‘Do you want some red rope licorice?’ Wayne’s World 2 (1993)
Garth is doing his laundry and in walks Kim Basinger, sucking ‘innocently’ on his licorice and sharing a steamy moment as she hands him back his tighty whiteys.

‘A blonde walks into a bank’ The Mask (1994)
Aged 21 Cameron Diaz auditioned for this film with no experience. She was cast and introduced to cinema in bravura fashion. Jim Carrey’s jaw hit the floor (as he probably wasn’t even acting).

‘A girl gets out a pool’ Fast Times at Ridgemont High (1982)
I tend to mention this film, the original American Pie, quite often. And its inclusion here is fully justified, with Phoebe Cates emerging slow-mo from a pool in Judge Reinhold’s fantasy.

‘Why don’t you do right?’ Who Framed Roger Rabbit (1988)
How do you act opposite a sex symbol that isn’t actually there? Bob Hoskins managed admirably in this scene; one where Jessica Rabbit first appears; sung seductively – in true femme fatale fashion – by Amy Irving.

‘Cat got the milk’ Batman Returns (1992)
Possibly the best transformation in cinema. Bookish and shy Selina Kyle (Michelle Pfeiffer) gets left for dead, only to be revived by kitties. She then rips up her apartment to make a new suit, emerging in a vengeful mood as Catwoman.

‘Thigh or breast Mr Bond?’ Goldeneye (1995)
There’s good Bond girls and bad Bond girls, the latter being far more interesting. Famke Janssen plays Xenia Onatopp (great name), whose special skill is crushing men to death with her thighs. What a way to go.

‘A Manhattan for the lady’ The Last Seduction (1994)
Cruelly snubbed for an Oscar due to a technical reason, Linda Fiorentino elevated this slightly hokey film – and script – with a sultry performance, completely flooring Peter Berg in the process.

‘Bend over and read the letter’ Secretary (2002)
James Spader is a bit of a past master at kinky characters (watch Crash at your peril) and here, as the original Mr Grey, he puts Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character in her place with a bit of spanking. Which she adores.

‘Nothin’ but short skirts around the house’ The Wolf of Wall Street (2013)
‘Does daddy get a kiss from both his little girls?’ ‘Oh no. Daddy doesn’t even get to touch mommy…’ Margot Robbie holds her own in her first major role, summed up well in this scene where she teases DiCaprio mercilessly.

‘I’m the money’ Casino Royale (2006)
The more Bond films that come out the better Casino Royale seems to get. It also cements Eva Green as probably the best Bond girl there has been. She makes her entrance in a simple yet wonderful scene on a train.

The angel with the dirty face

Through the grime and mist of the club you spy her.
Make-up smudged and sweaty but still a beautiful siren.
She arches a brow as she spots your stare.
Then catches your frown as the club lights glare.
Smooth. What a way to start.
Mixed signals. Hardly a route to this girl’s heart.
But despite the noise, sweat and people this ain’t a race.
You’re prepared to put in the work for this angel with the dirty face.
She’s something else.
Possibly a succubus sent straight from hell.
But you’ll take your chances.
The crowds part as she prepares for your advances.
Your chemistry intense, loaded with pheromones.
She overloads your sense with light kisses like feather blows.
Your face flushed, all sorts of shades and redder tones.
She touches you.
Then your nethers explode as your wanton desire grows.
Who is the girl?
Where did she come from?
Chances are she’ll rock your world but come dawn she’ll be long gone.

Bleary-eyed a sliver of sunlight you spy through the curtains.
It’s morning and that girl was pure imagination.
Of that you’re certain.
Then she moves and the sheets undulate.
Christ, she’s real. At this rate you might suffocate.
But you keep it together. Be cool.
Remember to enunciate.
She laughes when she sees your brain whirring.
You falter, your embarrassment like a train stirring.
She’s seen you for what you are, utter vermin.
A burden, made all the more desperate by your yearning.

But something doesn’t ring true.
If that was the case this dirty angel would have spread her wings and flew.
But she remains.
‘Be not afraid’, she says.
And any games that you thought she might have played, in your head are instantly erased, tossed in the pit of your mind to be burnt in flames.
Then you both embrace.
And you’re hers, and she’s yours.
Whereever she came from you feel calmed in her presence, protected by a benevolent force.
God, this girl.
She’s both decadent and delicate, and elegant and desolate.
She’s petulant and elemental, a true force of nature.
Beautiful and cruel yet also gentle and brutal.
You can’t help but love her, and hate her.
That said, when she entered your life everything changed.
And by her grace, you were forever bound to this angel with the dirty face.

The lothario

Pacing the street I stop; crouch on my feet and watch my prey.
Feeling my heartbeat drop as I dodge the alley’s urban decay.
Then I grin.
My heart full of sin as my first victim comes into view.
Tottering on tiny shoes like a porcelain doll.
She’s a tasty morsel, of course I fix eyes on her as my ultimate goal.

Good Lord… she’s so helpless.
Stalking her’s no game of chess but a turkey shoot.
There’s no sport here. The point is moot, I must move on.
I slink down the alley my lust not sated, I’m just not done.

Then I spy another.
This one here, she’s a wildebeest.
Chatting to her friends half asleep, she’s a basic target.
This is too easy.
I hang back and weigh up my chances.
Whilst I’m king of the urban jungle and these streets are mine, at times I must know when to face defeat and when to draw the line.
But it’s fine.
Not every hunt should mean it’s killing time.
Half the time, all I’m looking for is a sign.
Something to break the cycle and shake things up.
Some real sport to test me, where I get to prove I’m the best breed.

But what’s the point of being top of the food chain if you’re constantly tormented like you’re having a bad day?
However, I refuse to be thwarted.
I’m lean, fighting fit and ready to hunt.
Bring on all foes you mothers I’ll face many at once!

And the night is young so let’s see where things lead.
The truth is… It’s hardly a good night’s work if on some level I don’t bleed.
But that’s the life of a proud old lion.
None of this ‘let bygones be bygones’, I’m taking you down.
We’ll fight round and round until one of us hits the ground.

Have to say though, I kinda like my battle scars.
I’ll rattle your cage with my aggressive ways and leave you broken and marred.
Right this minute though the time to talk is over, I’ve now fed.
Time this old lion bowed his head and went to bed.
Because I’m contented.
And right now I lack incentive.

Tomorrow though, that’s another story.
Back on the beat stalking the street in search of my next quarry.
So stay on a swivel if you don’t want it to be you.
If you don’t… a grisly fate will await you, you’ll end up as my food.