Interstellar: Nolan goes intergalactic

We’ve entered a time in which certain filmmakers – directors and writers to be precise – are being afforded a fairly free license to make the films that they want to make. Films on an epic scale, but with added smarts. The thinking person’s blockbuster. With Interstellar director Christopher Nolan has firmly left the Batman… Continue reading Interstellar: Nolan goes intergalactic

Best twenty films of 2012

It’s been an epic year for films across a variety of genres. This list reflects my taste in films so I hope you enjoy. Sorry Twilight, you didn’t make the cut! Skyfall Strangely there are people who don’t like this film and say it’s not classic Bond. I think it’s the closest to Fleming’s Bond… Continue reading Best twenty films of 2012

Renaissance of Matthew McConaughey

Cast your minds back. The year is 1993 and a 24-year-old Matthew is breaking out as an actor in coming-of-age film Dazed and Confused. Stealing most scenes with brilliantly quotable lines and an iconic character in Wooderson. He followed this three years later with a heartfelt and commanding performance as lawyer Jake Brigance in A… Continue reading Renaissance of Matthew McConaughey