Misfits series 5: the power of love

I’m slowly but surely losing interest in Misfits. There I’ve said it. It’s just not the same without Robert Sheehan. I mean, Jo Gilgun does his best, but I’m not sure it’s enough. And as for the rest of them? Well Karla Crome is lovely to look at, but the others may as well not… Continue reading Misfits series 5: the power of love

Top 10 thinking man’s actresses

Hello my film-loving friends. Today I wish to share with you my list of a thinking man’s top actresses. Ladies that have a certain allure in terms of intelligence, physical beauty, acting prowess and – to avoid using an overused French phrase – an indefinable something. With each actress I’ve also mentioned the films that… Continue reading Top 10 thinking man’s actresses

Misfits series 4: First episode review

I got introduced to Misfits a few months ago, loved it and blasted my way through the first two series. For those not in the know, it’s a science fiction comedy drama about a group of young offenders sentenced to community service. On their first day of work they get hit by lightning from a… Continue reading Misfits series 4: First episode review