Jupiter’s Legacy: a family saga on what it means to be a hero

From graphic novel to the big screen, Mark Millar has superhero pedigree: he wrote Kick-Ass, Wanted and Kingsman: The Secret Service. All of which became great movies. He also wrote graphic novel Civil War, which formed the blueprint for Captain America: Civil War (2016). In the superhero world, much of what he does turns to… Continue reading Jupiter’s Legacy: a family saga on what it means to be a hero

Tribes of Europa: The 100 meets Children of Men

Hands up, who’s into post-apocalyptic when it comes to movies and TV shows? I know I am. Idly browsing Netflix the other day I stumbled on a new ones, Tribes of Europa (2020). A German show, with a mix of German and English dialogue, it’s set in our world, in the near future of 2074 and after the collapse of society.

Sex Education: can we have some more?

Sex Education Season 1

Netflix are sneaky scamps, forever banging out shows and with some hit and some miss it makes it hard to keep up and know what to watch. But when Sex Education popped up out of nowhere I immediately heard good things, so thought I’d give it a go. And I’m glad I did, it’s fantastic.… Continue reading Sex Education: can we have some more?

Sense8 finale: just what we needed

Sense8 Finale

Sense 8 was a show that was cruelly cut down before its time. But, thanks to a fan campaign, came back to life for a finale recently, courtesy of Netflix. And, happily, the result was a delight. Generally, in film or TV, kowtowing to fans has rarely ever given us audiences good results but, for… Continue reading Sense8 finale: just what we needed

Godless: good, but could’ve been great

Godless is one of the latest shows to be released by Netflix. A Western that got shopped around Hollywood as a feature film but didn’t get picked up, so writer-director Scott Frank (who penned Logan) ended up finding a home for it on the small screen, and the story went from two hours to a solid… Continue reading Godless: good, but could’ve been great

Mindhunter: season one review


This show, about how the FBI came to profile and understand serial killers, has been on David Fincher’s radar for quite some time in various guises and, such is the way these days, has languished a bit in development hell until Netflix picked it up. Which is actually the perfect place for it.  Now for… Continue reading Mindhunter: season one review