Floating voter

So… you gotta admit. Theresa May’s snap election is about as underwhelming as a crap erection. Cos when it comes to picking compelling leaders. It seems, as a country, we lack invention. Now we’re stuck sweating over our future with apprehension. I mean, take the farce that is brexit. Ooh. Can we change our minds?… Continue reading Floating voter

Painted ghosts 

They drift in and out of my life each day. Their faces adorned with stark, lurid colours. Warpaint, as they go about their business. Are they even real? These automatons. These androids from outer space. And whilst their expressions are seemingly blank and impassive, they are also revealing. There’s a crack or two beneath their… Continue reading Painted ghosts 

The S.A.D.s (winter has come)

So you’ve heard of S.A.D.s right? That seasonal winter disorder. You know… the one where your social skills take flight like a ship in the night and you can’t get aboard her. And any activity outside the house is only going to exhaust ya. Cos you just wanna hibernate. Well I get it bad each… Continue reading The S.A.D.s (winter has come)