Happy birthday Nan

Sit up, take note and hear this. Right here is a lady with a generous spirit. Look how she sits as she tackles problems in no mere fits and starts but launches right in, her face locked in a rictus grin as she wears her sleeve on her heart (or the other way round). And… Continue reading Happy birthday Nan

Take the red pill

Feeling naughty, just hit 20 and I’m halfway to 40. ‘You laugh now son, you’ll blink and you’ll be 40’, my dad said, putting unwelcome thoughts into my adolescent head. Jesus. At this rate it won’t be long until I’m dead, until I’ve shuffled off this mortal coil. Until, through hard graft and toil, I’m… Continue reading Take the red pill

The disgruntled demon

Dear well wishers and the general public, I have something to say. Heed my words without delay. I’ve had enough of this. I was born with a big red head and pointy horns which was tough growing up. Regularly scorned, mocked and abused you could find me in the gutter thinking, ‘This is ludicrous I… Continue reading The disgruntled demon

Best films of 2013: Haiku reviews

Following my first stab last year at reviewing my favourite films of the year in Haiku form, I decided to give it another go. Remember, these little Japanese poems are three lines made up of five syllables, then seven, then five. Gravity Explosion in space Debris flying everywhere The will to survive Captain Philips Somali… Continue reading Best films of 2013: Haiku reviews