The old salt

As a salty sailor I’m a faulty danger. I’ll wager you gave no thought to when in port, I’m known for my rowdy behaviour. But on the high seas, brother please, if you get a disease it’s me that’ll save ya. For I’m an able seaman, a bosun. I’m blessed, chosen and know the ocean… Continue reading The old salt

Life of Pi – the taming of Richard Parker

Last time I had to watch an actor carry a movie on his lonesome at sea was a bearded Tom Hanks screaming ‘Wilson!’. Instead of a volleyball, here we get first-time actor Suraj Sharma, spending his time warily circling an incredibly well-realised CGI tiger. Based on a 2001 Booker prize-winning novel by Yann Martel and… Continue reading Life of Pi – the taming of Richard Parker