SPECTRE: Mendes does Bond’s greatest hits

Poor old Sam Mendes. In some ways he’s a victim of his own success. Skyfall broke a billion at the box office so it was a tough act to follow. Particularly if that act was yourself. But Dan and Sam formed a superb working relationship on Skyfall, so why wouldn’t they roll the dice again?… Continue reading SPECTRE: Mendes does Bond’s greatest hits

Trailer park: Spectre, Southpaw, Spooks

First things first, let’s get the big guns out of the way. As far as new trailers go, the latest Bond film gets top billing. There’s also one from Jake Gyllenhaal – who’s in a bit of a purple patch – and some spy thingy set in London and starring ‘fit Kit’ Harington (him off… Continue reading Trailer park: Spectre, Southpaw, Spooks