Karaoke? Yeah baby!

Spontaneously bursting into song, that’s what it’s all about. By ‘it’ I mean random and unexpected musical scenes in films. They are like little rays of cinematic sunshine. And, like all good moments of music that you experience in your life, a lot of these will have stayed with you as fond memories; for me,… Continue reading Karaoke? Yeah baby!

Behold! Cinema’s best movie bromances

Romances are ok, but in all honesty they’re for girls aren’t they? Far better to go for a good bromance, there’s nothing fluffy or lightweight there. Male bonding, get in! Often a good bromance is deeply rooted in a dramatic situation or blossoms in the face of adversity – it’s a complex relationship with meat… Continue reading Behold! Cinema’s best movie bromances

Emma Stone – rising star of Hollywood

There’s something about Emma Stone, only I cannot pinpoint her appeal. Maybe that’s part of her appeal? The other night I watched The Amazing Spider-Man – the latest franchise reboot – and Stone is great in it. Strong chemistry with Andrew Garfield’s Peter Parker, as you’d expect now they’re dating in real life. There’s not… Continue reading Emma Stone – rising star of Hollywood